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Animal welfare during a heat wave

June 2, 2020+

This summer, we were treated to record heat for several days! On these hot days, it’s important to think about our four legged friends, because chances are,...


Hen health throughout the seasons

December 15, 2020+

A hens’ optimal temperature is between 18-24 degrees, and when temperatures start to drop below and rise above these, it can affect them in different ways....

Blue carriage bird feeder

Keep Feeding Areas Clean and Maintained

December 23, 2021+

It is important to keep bird feeders clean and maintained. A dirty feeder can harbor bacteria, mold, and other disease agents that can quickly contaminate...

Plants and gardening tools for spring and summer.

Garden Planning for Spring and Summer

April 7, 2022+

Deciding what to grow in your garden is one of the most essential steps in gardening; sometimes, it can be the most challenging too. Here are some key tips...

Birds eating bird seed on ground in winter

Best Winter Bird Seed

January 4, 2022+

Backyard birders should provide bird seed that is high in protein, oil, fat, and calories.  This higher quality food gives northern migrants and resident...

Backyard Bird Ensthusiasts - Northern Shrike resting on branch

Winter Backyard Bird Enthusiasts

December 22, 2021+

Winter is an exciting time for backyard bird enthusiasts. As colder weather approaches, be sure to prepare your backyard to keep feathered friends singing...

Feeding wild birds in winter

Feeding Wild Birds in Winter

December 23, 2021+

Winter is a rewarding time for birders and one of the busiest for bird feeders due to the lack of natural food sources and colder temperatures....


Livestock bedding options

December 1, 2020+

When it comes to providing your animals with bedding, making sure it’s clean, absorbent and comfortable is a must. There are several options for materials...


Can a cat attach to its owners?

June 20, 2019+

Is your cat more of the lonely type, and you have an inkling that maybe he or she doesn’t like you? Well you might be delighted to hear that you could be wrong!...


Maintaining your horses health

December 15, 2020+

Yearly veterinarian checkups are highly recommended for every species of animal, horses included. Your vet can administer vaccinations to prevent illness,...

Sprouting seeds in the springtime.

How To Sprout Your Own Seeds

May 3, 2022+

Sprouting seeds is an easy way to start growing plants in the springtime. Here are some tips on how to sprout seeds indoors and outdoors!...


Dental Health Tips For Your Cat

January 30, 2022+

How often are you brushing your cat's teeth? It should be every day! Here are a few important dental tips for your cat to keep in mind....


Outdoor safety for indoor cats

April 15, 2020+

If you’re a homebody, you can probably relate to your indoor cat when it comes to going outside or leaving your house. Many owners with indoor cats are...


Dental Health Tips For Your Dog

January 29, 2022+

How often are you brushing your dog's teeth? It should be every day! Here are a few important dental tips for your dog to keep in mind....

Springtime garden safety for your pets

Springtime Garden Pet Safety

May 16, 2022+

Gardening season is upon us, and for us pet owners, that means we need to be aware of how to keep our pets safe from hazardous spring plants!...

Checking dog for ticks

Tick Tips: Keeping You and Your Pets Safe

April 26, 2021+

It's tick season in the Maritimes. Tick safety starts with prevention, but it's important to continue to remember to check your pets after every adventure....

Busy backyard bird feeder

Best Winter Bird Feeders

December 22, 2021+

Winter is a great time of year to feed the birds. Adding a variety of feeders with different seed will attract an abundance of bird species. Separate larger...


What type of garden best suits your needs?

December 8, 2020+

Are you interested in starting your own garden, but aren’t sure where to start, and what type of garden would work for you? Here we’ll share information...


Keep Backyard Birds Healthy in Winter

December 23, 2021+

When it comes to feeding the birds, keeping the backyard safe ensures a healthy, active, and diverse environment for feathered friends to enjoy....


Helping your dog when you are out

June 25, 2019+

Separation anxiety is a behavioural disorder in dogs that have trouble dealing with the absence of their owners. It’s common in dogs who have had more than...


How to Properly Store Bird Seed

August 23, 2020+

Bird seed can spoil, so it is important to store bird seed properly. Clumps indicate moisture and should not be used. Infestations of rodents or insects,...


How to help endangered bees in your garden

July 10, 2020+

It is a well-known fact that for several years now, bees are in serious danger of extinction. This could have serious consequences for our diet at the...