Valentine's Pet Safety Tips

Valentine’s Pet Safety Tips

Valentine’s Day is almost here, a day you can also celebrate with your pets. Give them a special toy or treat, take them for a long walk, or cuddle them on the couch. However you choose to celebrate, be aware of the possible Valentine’s Day hazards. Check out our tips to help keep your pets safe this love day!

Xylitol: This sugarless sweetener is in many candies and gums and is toxic to pets. It can cause hypoglycemia.


Chocolate: Do NOT feed your pets anything with chocolate. It can be very toxic to them!


Flowers: Certain flowers are deadly to pets. All Lilies are fatal to cats. Roses can cause punctures to the mouth and paws and possible bawl obstruction if swallowed. Keep them away from your furry friends!


Decorations: Tape, ribbons, bows, balloons, and wrapping paper can become a choking hazard. Dispose of them before your pet finds them!


Candles: Candles can become a fire hazard around pets. They can also burn themselves accidentally. Never leave candles or a fire unattended with pets.


Cocktails: A small amount of alcohol can cause illness, coma or death. Keep cocktails away from pets and wipe up any spills ASAP!

A safe home is a happy home during festivities! Keeping these tips in mind can help avoid emergency trips to the vet. 


Have a safe and happy Valentine’s Day from Feeds’n Needs!

Stacy How

Store Manager, Woodstock, NB