dental health tips for your dog

Dental Health Tips For Your Dog

We know the importance of brushing our teeth, but what about our pets? Did you know that dogs can get cavities, gum disease and plaque build up? Yep, just like humans! Your dog’s teeth should ideally be brushed after every meal to prevent tartar build up and protect against periodontal disease.  If you haven’t gotten your dog accustomed to teeth brushing as a puppy, it’s not too late to start. Here are a few helpful dental health tips for your dog.

  1. Get your dog used to having their mouth open when you need to check their teeth or mouth. The more you do this, the more patient and calm your dog will be when brushing. It might be helpful to offer them a treat for good behaviour when they let you do this.
  2. Head to your local Feeds’n Needs and ask our Experts to help you pick out a dog-friendly toothpaste. This is an important step to take, as human brands contain fluoride which isn’t healthy for your pet to swallow and can be toxic. Many toothpaste for pets come in a variety of flavours, some similar to their favourite treats, such as beef, chicken, bacon and more.
  3. Pick a soft toothbrush for your dog, to ensure their gums don’t damage during brushing. There is a large selection of options, but opt for one with an angled tip, making it easier for you to reach the back of your dog’s mouth. Many pet owners use toothbrushes made for babies, as they are smaller and less intrusive in your dog’s mouth. If your dog is used to having your fingers in their mouth, you could consider purchasing a finger brush slip that can go over your index finger and get the job done!
    Pro tip: If your dog is fussy when brushing, don’t worry too much about brushing the insides of their teeth as their tongue does a great job of keeping the inner sides of their teeth clean throughout the day.
  4. Pick up some dental treats and kibble for your pet to help protect against disease. Greenie’s Dental Treats are a perfect choice for both dogs and cats, as they freshen breath while the treats’ textured surface helps remove tartar buildup. Ask our Experts in-store which treats they recommend!

Feeds'n Needs Team