Water Safety for Dogs

Water Safety For Dogs

Summer is here, and what better way to stay cool on hot sunny days than swimming. It’s a great source of exercise and fun for both you and your pup! Before you take your dog swimming, make sure you know how to keep things safe, especially since not all dogs know how to swim.

Here are some things to consider when swimming with your furry friend:

  • Never leave your dog unattended while swimming. If you have a pool, keep your pet away from it when you are not swimming and fence it in if possible.
  • Check the water temperature before you let your dog go swimming. Not all dogs can handle super cold water. 
  • Keep fresh drinking water nearby. Drinking pool, lake or ocean water can make your pet very sick.
  • Check that the water is shallow and your pup can easily make it back to dry land. If you have a pool, show your dog how to get out using the steps.
  • Thoroughly rinse your dog after swimming. Saltwater, chlorine, and lake algae can irritate or damage their skin and fur. Also, make sure to dry their ears completely to prevent any infections.
  • Some dogs do well with life jackets. It’s a good idea to put a life jacket on your dog if you are on a boat or a dock. Make sure it fits them comfortably and that they still have full mobility. Visit your local Feeds’n Needs store with your pup, and our Experts can help with life jacket sizing.
  • Never throw your dog into a body of water, especially if it is deep or has a current.
  • Know your dog’s limits! Swimming is tiring, and a tired dog is more susceptible to drowning. Let your dog get out of the water to rest if you sense they may be getting tired.
  • Remember, if they don’t want to go in, don’t force them. Try to keep it positive and stress-free on your pup. Make sure to know your dog. Some breeds are better suited for water than others. Breeds with short snouts such as pugs, English bulldogs and Boston terriers are not built to swim.

Dogs can have a lot of fun in the water, whether they love to swim or just love wading in the shallow water. Always remember that water safety for dogs is key while you and your pup have fun this summer!

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Emily Ernest

Store Manager, Port Williams NS