Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Raw food diets for cats and dogs are becoming more popular! Many people are choosing to feed their pets a raw diet because it is more natural and less processed than kibble. Others feed raw due to the many health benefits of a raw food diet. Here are some of the top reasons you should make the switch to raw:

    1. Joint and Bone Health
      The best way to support bones is with bones! Real crushed bone is a natural source of calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and marrow. These components result in healthy growth in puppies and maintain superior joint and bone health for your dog throughout its lifetime.
    2. Immune System Support
      Raw meat is highly bioavailable and contains live bacteria/enzymes that support digestion and help to absorb almost all the immune-boosting nutrients. Raw food is also naturally rich in moisture, which supports organ health.
    3. Less Stool
      Having a diet of highly digestible ingredients for your pet is that more of what goes in is absorbed and utilized within the body – meaning less comes out the other end. Carbohydrates and filler ingredients such as soy, potato, corn and rice take longer to digest and do not fully absorb within your pet’s body. These ingredients can lead to larger stool volume with a heavy odour. Most raw diets contain no fillers and are low in carbohydrates, resulting in less waste passing through and decomposing faster.
    4. Healthy Skin & Coat
      Raw diets contain many ingredients that support skin and coat health, one of the most notable being omega-3 fatty acids. Healthy omega fats play a significant role in supporting healthy skin and a soft coat. Some common ingredients that provide essential omega-3 fatty acids include salmon, chia, and flax seeds. After switching your pet to a raw diet, you’ll notice a difference in their skin, coat and even how much less they shed!
    5. Reduced Body Odour
      When pets consume food high in fillers, additives, and preservatives, it can lead to unpleasant odours. A raw food diet better supports your pet’s digestive system, which often decreases or eliminates gas.
    6. Weight Management
      A raw diet is a natural way to help manage your pet’s weight and improve its overall well-being. Kibble contains carbohydrates and sugars that are harder for your pet to burn off, most times causing weight issues.
    7. Cleans Teeth Naturally
      Poor dental hygiene in your pets can sometimes be caused by a poor diet, especially if their diet is heavily processed or high in carbohydrates. Kibble and canned food can often get stuck in your pet’s teeth, leading to plaque, tartar and bad breath. Raw, meaty bones are well-known for helping them get into those tricky places between their teeth and removing plaque.
    8. Reduction in Allergies
      A pet’s diet is the most common cause of allergies. Many fillers used in kibble are not biologically meant for pets to digest and can cause stress on their digestive system and compromise their immune system. Common allergic reactions include rashes, itchy paws, ear infections, and digestive and joint issues. Healthy omega fats provide anti-inflammatory benefits, perfect for dogs with allergies or inflammatory skin diseases. A raw food diet can help reduce and sometimes even eliminate your furry friend’s allergy symptoms.

These are just some of the many benefits of a raw food diet for your pet. Our Experts here at Feeds’n Needs recommend Big Country Raw for your pets! There is something on their menu for dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes, and ages! Chat with one of our Experts in-store for more information on getting your furry friend started on a raw diet. We are here to help!


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