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Road Trip Safety For Your Dog

While road tripping with your dog, their safety should be a top priority. Whether you’re driving a couple of kilometres or taking a long road trip, it’s important to have safety precautions in place at all times for your pet’s safety. Check out our tips to road trip safety for your dog. These tips will help keep your furry friends safe, secure and comfortable during your road trips so you both can enjoy the drive!

Keep them Buckled!

In order to keep your pup safe while on the road, the best thing to do is keep them properly restrained. Accidents can’t be foreseen, so it’s crucial to keep them protected at all times. Vehicles, unfortunately, don’t come with doggy seat belts, so during your next visit to your local Feeds’n Needs, ask our Experts what equipment is available and would be best for you and your furry friend. These are necessary to secure your dog and restrict them from harmful movement in the event of an accident. Prepare your pup for a safe road trip by taking them on short trips to town to get used to the safety equipment.

Pack the Essentials!

You never know what may happen on the road, so it’s good to have a first aid kit for you and your dog. Packing your pet’s food, water, treats, medicine, toys, and feeding bowls is also a good idea when going on a long drive. It’s a good idea to have something to keep your dog entertained and engaged, such as their favourite chew toy helping to keep them calm during the ride.

Wear your Dog Out!

A tired pup is often a more well-behaved one, so right before you plan to head out on your trip, take your pet for a long run or a visit to the dog park. This should help your dog feel more rested and calm. They may even sleep a portion of the drive. During long trips, it’s important to stop anywhere from 2 to 3 hours so your dog has some time to play and get some more energy out.

Don’t Let Them Overheat!

You should never leave your dog unattended in your car for any reason. Especially during the warmer weather, this can lead to heat stroke and even death. Be sure to pack water to keep your dog hydrated during your trip. Grab a portable dog water bottle from one of our stores before your next trip, making it simple to keep your pup hydrated during the drive!

These are just simple tips, but following them will help you have a safe road trip with your dog and one that you can both enjoy. If you ever have any questions, reach out to the Experts are your local Feeds’n Needs.

Emily Ernest

Store Manager, Port Williams NS