Can a Cat Attach to its Owners

Can a Cat Attach to its Owners?

Have you ever wondered if cats could attach to its owners? Have you ever thought maybe your cat doesn’t like you because they are more of the lonely type? Well, you might be delighted to hear that you could be wrong! A study by Oregon State University concluded that, like dogs, cats actually do become attached to their owners and have been proven to be a source of comfort for the cat.

How do cats recognize their owners?

Contrary to what you might think, cats can recognize their caretakers amongst a crowd of people, but not through vision. Cats cannot distinguish their master through sight. So as unique as you are, your cat can’t pick you out from the crowd based on your good looks. Your cat has to rely on their highly developed senses of smell and hearing to find you! Moreover, cats are accustomed to decoding their owner’s behaviours and habits. This gives them more to pick up on using their elements.

Your cat cares about you!

Like a dog or a human baby, cats develop an attachment to their owners over time. The study determines that cats can have an ambivalent attachment toward their owners. This might ring true to a few cat owners who think their cat may not be as “loving” towards them but still loyal and accustomed to their routines. Cats who are ambivalent tend to be less affectionate and may show signs of stress around their owners, such as wagging their tail, licking their lips and avoiding them. 

On the other hand, for most cats, humans are a sign of comfort and safety in times of stress. Cats get used to the routines you have created for them. They tend to have trouble adapting to changes in that routine, for example, when you go away for the weekend. The study mentions that when cats are in the presence of their master, even after a short time away, it makes them less stressed and shows more signs of comfort. So yes, even when you may not always feel the love from your cat, at the end of the day, they do love you! You may find even more comfort in knowing that the study proves that the connection you have with your cat (whether your cat is attached to you or uncertain) remains totally stable over the years. A happy ever after! 

Vanessa Sleeper

Store Manager, Moncton NB