Feeding wild birds in winter

Feeding Wild Birds in Winter

Winter is a rewarding time for birders and one of the busiest for bird feeders due to the lack of natural food sources and colder temperatures. Here are some reasons to feed wild birds during the colder months:

Reliable food source: Besides helping northern migrants coming to the Maritimes replenish their energy resources, it also provides all wild birds with a reliable food source once natural sources deplete in colder weather.

Attracts the first winter birds: A stocked bird feeder can attract the first winter bird species and encourage them to remain nearby all winter. This helps wild birds remember reliable food source locations, so they return year after year. Overtime, consistent feeding will increase the size and diversity of your backyard visitors and become a trusted winter source. This also means birds don’t have far to go to replenish their energy.

Birds become reliant on feeders as food source: If deciding to feed birds in winter, it is important to stay consistent by keeping feeders clean and well stocked all season. Wild birds become reliant on these feeders, up to and including spring. This is an especially crucial time to keep feeding as many Maritime provinces experience ice storms creating a barrier for birds to acquire food and shelter.

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