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Find the purr-fect supplies you are looking for your furry feline friends! Whether you are looking for wet or dry food, treats, catnip and grass, you can be sure to find it at Feeds’n Needs. Stock up on essentials like litter supplies, deodorizers and mats, grooming supplies, flea & tick preventions, cleaning supplies and repellents, and so much more.

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Animal Welfare During a Heat Wave

Animal Welfare During a Heat Wave

June 2, 2020+

This summer, we were treated to record heat for several days! On these hot days, it’s important to think about our four legged friends, because chances are,...

Tick safety for you and your pets

Tick Tips: Keeping You and Your Pets Safe

April 26, 2021+

It's tick season in the Maritimes. Tick safety starts with prevention, but it's important to continue to remember to check your pets after every adventure....

Can a Cat Attach to its Owners

Can a Cat Attach to its Owners?

June 20, 2019+

Is your cat more of the lonely type, and you have an inkling that maybe he or she doesn’t like you? Well you might be delighted to hear that you could be wrong!...