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We’re bird lovers, just like you. Whether you are new to feeding the birds in your backyard or are a bird Expert yourself, you can find everything you need to attract and retain the furry friends near you. All of our locations carry a wide variety of feeders and a large selection of seeds, such as black oil, economy mix, nyjer seed, nectar, millet, peanuts, suets, cracked corn, bird pies and more.

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Properly store bird seed

How to Properly Store Bird Seed

August 23, 2020+

Bird seed can spoil, so it is important to store bird seed properly. Clumps indicate moisture and should not be used. Infestations of rodents or insects,...

Backyard Bird Ensthusiasts - Northern Shrike resting on branch

Winter Backyard Bird Enthusiasts

December 22, 2021+

Winter is an exciting time for backyard bird enthusiasts. As colder weather approaches, be sure to prepare your backyard to keep feathered friends singing...

Birds eating bird seed on ground in winter

Best Winter Bird Seed

January 4, 2022+

Backyard birders should provide bird seed that is high in protein, oil, fat, and calories.  This higher quality food gives northern migrants and resident...