Feeds’n Needs Windsor relocates to 48 Morison Drive

After twenty years, our Feeds’n Needs in Windsor Nova Scotia has a new place to call home. The team celebrated the grand opening in November 2018, and has seen nothing but positive change happening since. We chatted with Becky Dauphinee, our Winsor Store Manager to get her thoughts on the store’s transition and their fresh new look! Here is what she had to say.

Q: What was it like going from the old location on Sanford street in the Industrial park, to the new location on Morison Drive?

A: “After 20 years at our old location, we were ready for a change. We used to have a much smaller retail space, tucked in the back corner of the Industrial Park. We outgrew the space. The old location was not clearly visible or well known, making it hard for our customers to find us just by driving by. They had to be looking to find us.”

Q: Tell us a bit about the move over to the new space.

A: “The move itself was definitely a challenge, as we had a limited number of staff, which made moving product to the new location tricky. The hardest part was juggling the balance of inventory between both stores during our renovations, since we still needed to keep our old location stocked for our customer’s needs.”

Q: What’s it like being settled into the new store?

A: “Our entire staff were very excited for our move to our new location, and especially the new look the business got with the re-branding at the same time. When we started moving our inventory over, the new space seemed so large that we would never be able to fill it! We have expanded on our categories and with all the new product and ideas, it wasn’t as hard as we originally thought!”

The community, Becky says, is the best part of the new store. “The community was just as excited as we were,” she said. “We had many new customers that didn’t even know we existed before. And many of our customers are loving the selection we carry, we have a little bit of everything!”

Q: What is the best part of being at 48 Morison Drive?

A: Being able to better connect with our community has been so rewarding. At our new spot, we are also visible from the highway, which helps bring in new faces that we otherwise may not have gotten the chance to serve.”

Q: What are you looking forward to most for the new store?

A: “We are most looking forward to being able to better serve our customers wants and needs, with new product lines. We have a great new selection of home décor, and have expanded our dog food categories. Growing our business in this small community with a unique one stop shop experience has been so fulfilling for all of us!”

If you are a newer customer to our Windsor store, check out this before and after video to see the transition into the new space!

Becky Dauphinee

Store Manager, Windsor NS